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Buddhas standpoint in the earthly life (1920s) | Hilma af Klint buddha prints

Buddhas standpoint in the earthly life (1920s) | Hilma af Klint buddha prints

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"Buddha's Standpoint in the Earthly Life" (1920s) by Hilma af Klint - A Spiritual Journey in Abstract Artwork Prints

Step into the world of spiritual abstraction with Hilma af Klint's "Buddha's Standpoint in the Earthly Life." This extraordinary piece, hailing from the prolific 1920s, is a testament to the visionary foresight of af Klint in the realm of abstract art. Perfect for connoisseurs of vintage prints and modern art enthusiasts alike, our prints shop offers this masterpiece as a high-quality reproduction, allowing you to own a piece of art history.


  • Exquisite reproduction of Hilma af Klint's "Buddha's Standpoint in the Earthly Life."
  • Available as both abstract framed wall art and unframed prints.
  • Printed on superior quality paper, suitable for all aficionados of vintage art.
  • A variety of sizes to complement any interior space.

Artist Biography: Hilma af Klint, a Swedish artist born in 1862, was a pioneer in the development of abstract art. Long before her contemporaries ventured into abstraction, af Klint was creating bold, colorful, and complex works that explored spiritual and mystical themes. Her paintings, including the striking "Buddha's Standpoint in the Earthly Life," represent a profound exploration of the relationship between the physical and spiritual realms. Af Klint's art remained largely unrecognized during her lifetime but has since gained significant recognition and admiration.

Did You Know?

  • Hilma af Klint stipulated that her abstract work, including her series "Paintings for the Temple," should not be shown until 20 years after her death, believing the world was not yet ready for her art.
  • She was deeply influenced by spiritual movements like Theosophy and Anthroposophy, which profoundly shaped her artistic vision.
  • Af Klint's work was exhibited for the first time in 1986, decades after her death, altering the narrative of the history of abstract art.

Why Choose "Buddha's Standpoint in the Earthly Life" for Your Space? Owning a Hilma af Klint print means embracing a piece of art history that was ahead of its time. "Buddha's Standpoint in the Earthly Life" is not just an abstract art print; it is a portal into the mystical world envisioned by af Klint. Ideal for both vintage art collectors and modern art enthusiasts, this print will add a unique, thoughtful dimension to any room.

Explore our prints shop today for this and other exceptional Hilma af Klint artwork, and let the pioneering spirit of her abstract wall prints redefine your space.


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