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Cat on a cushion (1800s) | Theophile Alexandre Steinlen artwork

Cat on a cushion (1800s) | Theophile Alexandre Steinlen artwork

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The "Cat on a Cushion" from the 1880s is an epitome of timeless artistry by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, showcasing his profound affinity for feline grace. This particular Steinlen cat print, available from our online prints shop cat collection page, captures a serene moment of a cat nestled comfortably on a cushion, embodying tranquility and elegance.

Theophile Steinlen's profound understanding of feline anatomy and behavior is eloquently translated onto canvas in this vintage illustration. His brush strokes meticulously capture the plush fur of the cat and the softness of the cushion, making it a visual delight for the audience. The allure of Steinlen's cat illustration lies in its simplicity and the ability to evoke a sense of peace and contentment, traits often associated with cats.

As you dive into the realm of vintage illustrations, Steinlen's "Cat on a Cushion" stands out with its realistic depiction and delicate color palette, a hallmark of quality artwork from the bygone era. His knack for capturing the essence of his feline subjects has cemented his reputation among cat artists, making his works a prized possession for collectors.

Acquiring a print of "Cat on a Cushion" from a prints shop not only brings a piece of history into your space but also a touch of serene beauty that vintage cat prints by Steinlen are renowned for. The minimalist charm and the timeless appeal of this artwork make it a perfect addition for any cat lover or aficionado of vintage illustrations, allowing a glimpse into the world of 1880s art through the peaceful repose of a cat.

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