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Dog on a chair (1800s) | Vintage dog prints | Sir John Lavery

Dog on a chair (1800s) | Vintage dog prints | Sir John Lavery

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Step into a world where classic charm meets timeless elegance with "Dog on a Chair," a striking vintage dog print from the eminent Sir John Lavery, a prominent member of The Glasgow Boys. Our prints shop proudly presents this exceptional piece of 1800s wall art, a testament to Sir John Lavery's artistic prowess and his exceptional ability to capture the quiet dignity of everyday moments.

With "Dog on a Chair," you receive more than just dog prints; you partake in a rich tapestry of history and artistry. This dog wall art, a signature John Lavery print, exudes a sense of calm introspection, inviting viewers to pause and reflect. The dog's poised presence on the chair provides a snapshot of serene domestic life, captured through Lavery's deft brushstrokes.

Sir John Lavery is renowned for his evocative and painterly approach, characteristics that are palpable in this vintage dog print. His work brings the aesthetic of The Glasgow Boys into the contemporary home, marrying the boldness of the group's style with the personal and intimate subject matter.

Owning a John Lavery print is not just an investment in decor but an investment in art historical lineage. This piece of 1800s wall art brings with it the whispers of the past, allowing you to own a slice of the aesthetic movements that have shaped our visual culture.

Enhance your home with the quiet companionship of "Dog on a Chair." This unique offering from our prints shop will bestow your living space with a touch of sophistication and a connection to the storied past of Sir John Lavery and The Glasgow Boys, making it a cherished addition to your collection.

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