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Coco Chanel artwork (1920s) | Georges Goursat

Coco Chanel artwork (1920s) | Georges Goursat

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Enhance the sophistication of your personal space with the iconic Coco Chanel artwork from the 1920s, elegantly designed by Georges Goursat. This vintage bathroom print, available at our prints shop, is a timeless ode to luxury and the revolutionary art deco art style that Coco Chanel herself helped popularize.

Featuring the chanel no5 advert, this piece embodies the allure and finesse of the era. The depiction of the perfume bottle, a symbol of grace and femininity, is not merely a piece of wall art but a historical fragment that brings the essence of Coco Chanel's legacy into your home. The inclusion of this framed print in your bathroom art collection infuses a touch of the chic 1920s wall art, turning an everyday space into a gallery of vintage posters and refined tastes.

As a statement of elegance, the "Flacon de parfum, Coco Chanel" by Georges Goursat, serves as more than bathroom prints; it is a celebration of the art deco era, of Coco Chanel's revolutionary design, and of enduring style. Choose this vintage artwork to create an art wall for your bathroom that speaks of timeless beauty and sophistication.

At our prints shop, we pride ourselves on offering quality reproductions, ensuring that each piece of vintage artwork retains the charm and character of the original. With "Flacon de parfum, Coco Chanel", available as framed prints, you invite not just vintage posters into your space but a piece of history artfully rendered to last through times. Make this bathroom print a part of your collection and let the spirit of the 1920s breathe opulent life into your daily routine.

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