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Rawson's Vegetable and Flower Seeds poster artwork (1895)

Rawson's Vegetable and Flower Seeds poster artwork (1895)

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Product Overview: Celebrate the harvest season with "Rawson's Vegetable and Flower Seeds," a charming vintage botanical print from the 1890s. This delightful illustration, with its rich colors and intricate details, captures the essence of autumn's bounty. Ideal for adding a nostalgic touch to your home, this print is available in our prints shop as a framed or unframed piece, making it perfect for autumn home decor ideas and adding warmth to your kitchen or living space.


  • Authentic reproduction of the 1895 "Rawson's Vegetable and Flower Seeds" botanical illustration.
  • Beautifully framed options available, enhancing the vintage charm and detailed artistry of the print.
  • Printed on high-quality paper to preserve the vivid colors and crisp detail.
  • Available in various sizes, suitable for kitchen decor, dining areas, or any space celebrating the autumn season.

Did You Know? (About Vintage Botanical Prints)

  • Vintage botanical prints were often used in seed catalogs and gardening guides in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, serving both an artistic and educational purpose.
  • These illustrations are treasured not only for their beauty but also for their historical significance in documenting plant varieties of the past.
  • The resurgence of interest in vintage botanical prints is part of a broader appreciation for historical gardening and heirloom plant varieties.

Why Choose "Rawson's Vegetable and Flower Seeds" for Your Autumn Decor? "Rawson's Vegetable and Flower Seeds" is more than just a vintage print; it's a celebration of the harvest season and a nod to the rich history of gardening. Ideal for those who appreciate the charm of vintage botanical illustrations and seek unique framed vintage kitchen prints, this artwork brings a cozy, autumnal feel to any home.

Explore our prints shop for this and other delightful vintage botanical prints, and let the warm, rustic charm of "Rawson's Vegetable and Flower Seeds" enhance your autumn home decor.

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