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Black Labrador (1800s) | Dog artwork | Carl Reichert

Black Labrador (1800s) | Dog artwork | Carl Reichert

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Adorn your walls with the classic elegance of this "Black Labrador" print, a stunning piece of black Lab painting by Carl Reichert from the 1800s. This exquisite print captures the noble and gentle spirit of the black Labrador, making it an ideal choice for collectors of vintage dog prints and lovers of canine artwork. Our prints shop offers this beautiful reproduction in high-quality detail, perfect as black lab wall art or a centerpiece in any animal art collection.


  • Authentic reproduction of Carl Reichert's "Black Labrador."
  • Available as black lab framed art and unframed prints.
  • Printed on superior quality paper to capture the intricate details and rich colors of the original.
  • A variety of sizes to suit different spaces and preferences.

Artist Biography: Carl Reichert, an Austrian painter born in 1836, was renowned for his detailed and lifelike animal paintings, particularly of dogs and cats. His ability to capture the individual personalities and characteristics of his animal subjects made his work highly sought after in his time. Reichert's paintings, including "Black Labrador," exhibit a warm and realistic portrayal of animals, reflecting his deep affinity and understanding of his four-legged subjects.

Did You Know? (About Black Labradors)

  • Black Labradors are known for their friendly and outgoing nature, making them one of the most popular dog breeds.
  • They were originally bred for retrieving game in water, which is why they have a water-resistant coat and a unique 'otter' tail.
  • Black Labradors are often chosen for roles in search and rescue, as service dogs, and in law enforcement due to their intelligence and trainability.

Why Choose "Black Labrador" for Your Collection? The "Black Labrador" by Carl Reichert is not just a vintage labrador print; it's a celebration of the beloved black Labrador breed, known for its loyalty and friendly demeanor. Ideal for adding a touch of warmth and character to your home, this print is perfect for dog enthusiasts and collectors of vintage art alike.

Explore our prints shop today for this and other captivating vintage dog prints, and let the enduring charm of "Black Labrador" bring joy and elegance to your space.

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