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Girls on a lawn (1800s) | John Singer Sargent prints

Girls on a lawn (1800s) | John Singer Sargent prints

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Experience the serene beauty of John Singer Sargent's "Two Girls on a Lawn," a charming depiction from the late 1800s that exudes tranquility and grace. Perfectly suited as bedroom wall decor art, this vintage print captures the essence of a peaceful, bygone era. Our prints shop offers this timeless masterpiece as a high-quality reproduction, ideal for those looking to enhance their bedroom ambiance with classic elegance.


  • High-quality reproduction of John Singer Sargent's "Two Girls on a Lawn."
  • Ideal choice for bedroom prints and bed room posters.
  • Available as framed wall art for the bedroom or as an unframed print.
  • Printed on premium paper, capturing the original artwork's subtle hues and details.

Artist Biography: John Singer Sargent, an American artist born in 1856, was renowned for his remarkable portraits and evocative landscapes. Trained in Paris, Sargent developed a style that combined Impressionist techniques with his unique flair, resulting in works that were both realistic and atmospheric. Known primarily for his portraits, Sargent's paintings, including "Two Girls on a Lawn," showcase his mastery in capturing the essence of his subjects and the play of light and color.

Did You Know?

  • Sargent was considered the "leading portrait painter of his generation," celebrated for capturing the personalities of his subjects with remarkable insight.
  • He was incredibly prolific, creating over 900 oil paintings and more than 2,000 watercolors, in addition to countless sketches and charcoal drawings.
  • While Sargent is best known for his portraits, his landscape and genre paintings, like "Two Girls on a Lawn," are equally praised for their beauty and technique.

Why Choose "Two Girls on a Lawn" for Your Bedroom? "Two Girls on a Lawn" by John Singer Sargent is more than just a piece of bedroom wall decor art; it's a portal into a world of timeless elegance and refined beauty. Ideal for creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere in your bedroom, this print brings the charm and skill of Sargent's artistry into your personal space.

Discover this and other exquisite Sargent paintings at our prints shop, and let "Two Girls on a Lawn" transform your bedroom into a haven of historical beauty and tranquility.


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