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"Les Cygnes" (Swans) (1890s) | Francis Jourdain

"Les Cygnes" (Swans) (1890s) | Francis Jourdain

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Product Overview: Bring the serene elegance of the swan into your home with "Les Cygnes," a beautiful vintage swan print by the celebrated artist Francis Jourdain. Created in the 1890s, this artwork captures the grace and tranquility of swans, making it a perfect addition to any collection of vintage art. Offered in our prints shop, "Les Cygnes" is available as framed swan art, ideal for adding a touch of natural beauty and classic sophistication to your space.


  • High-quality reproduction of Francis Jourdain's "Les Cygnes."
  • Elegantly framed options available, enhancing the artwork's delicate beauty and peaceful ambiance.
  • Printed on premium-quality paper to preserve the detail and color of the original work.
  • Available in various sizes, perfect for different decorative preferences.

Artist Biography: Francis Jourdain, born in 1876 in France, was a multifaceted artist, designer, and writer known for his contributions to Art Nouveau and later Art Deco. His work, which spanned various mediums including painting, furniture design, and interior decoration, was marked by a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. Jourdain's artistic vision was driven by a desire to bring art into everyday life, making his work both beautiful and accessible.

Did You Know? (About Swans in Art)

  • Swans have been a popular subject in art for centuries, symbolizing purity, love, and transformation across various cultures.
  • In art history, swans are often associated with mythological tales and have been featured in numerous works, from ancient Greek mosaics to Renaissance paintings.
  • The elegant form and striking white plumage of swans make them a captivating subject for artists, reflecting both the beauty of nature and deeper symbolic meanings.

Why Choose "Les Cygnes" for Your Collection? "Les Cygnes" by Francis Jourdain is more than just a vintage swan print; it's a piece that captures the ethereal beauty and symbolism of swans. Ideal for anyone who appreciates fine art and the elegance of these majestic birds, this print adds a tranquil and sophisticated element to your home or office.

Explore our prints shop for this and other stunning swan prints, and let the serene beauty of "Les Cygnes" transform your environment with its timeless grace.

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