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Hellebore and Oeillet (1800s) | Pierre-Joseph Redouté botanical artwork

Hellebore and Oeillet (1800s) | Pierre-Joseph Redouté botanical artwork

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Product Overview: Adorn your space with the timeless elegance of "Hellebore and Oeillet," a stunning vintage botanical print by the renowned artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté. From the 1800s, this exquisite illustration captures the delicate intricacy of flowers with remarkable accuracy and beauty. Available in our prints shop, this vintage floral print is offered as a framed piece, perfect for adding a touch of historical charm and natural sophistication to any room.


  • Authentic reproduction of Pierre-Joseph Redouté's "Hellebore and Oeillet."
  • Elegantly framed, complementing the detailed artistry and soft hues of the original illustration.
  • Printed on high-quality paper to preserve the vibrancy and detail of the artwork.
  • Available in various sizes, ideal for enhancing both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Artist Biography: Pierre-Joseph Redouté, born in 1759 in Belgium, was a celebrated botanical illustrator known for his precise and stunning depictions of plants and flowers. Often referred to as the "Raphael of flowers," Redouté's work was highly sought after by botanists and art patrons alike. His illustrations, which include a vast array of flora, are renowned for their scientific accuracy and artistic elegance, making Redouté a pivotal figure in botanical art.

Did You Know? (About Pierre-Joseph Redouté)

  • Redouté was the official court artist of Queen Marie Antoinette and later worked under Josephine Bonaparte's patronage.
  • He mastered the technique of stipple engraving, which allowed for subtle color gradations and fine detail in his prints.
  • Redouté's legacy includes thousands of watercolor paintings of flowers, many of which were published in large-scale books that are still referenced and admired today.

Why Choose "Hellebore and Oeillet" for Your Collection? "Hellebore and Oeillet" by Pierre-Joseph Redouté is more than just a vintage botanical print; it's a celebration of the artistry and precision that define botanical illustration. Ideal for collectors of vintage art and botanical enthusiasts, this framed vintage floral print brings a piece of natural history and artistic mastery into your home.

Explore our prints shop for this and other beautiful vintage botanical illustrations, and let the elegance of "Hellebore and Oeillet" enrich your environment with its timeless beauty.

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