Collection: Old Japanese Art


Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Old Japanese Art

Welcome to our exquisite collection of old Japanese art, a celebration of the rich heritage and timeless beauty of Japanese art. This carefully curated selection showcases the elegance and intricacy of traditional Japanese posters and art prints, perfect for connoisseurs and new admirers alike.

Experience the serene beauty of Ohara Koson's works, where the delicate balance of nature and art come alive in each print. Koson's ability to capture the essence of the natural world is unmatched, making each piece a tranquil addition to any space.

For lovers of classic Japanese art prints, we offer a range of Ukiyo-e artwork, the iconic style that has influenced artists and designers worldwide. The Ukiyo-e prints, known for their rich color and expressive forms, are timeless pieces that add elegance and historical depth to any collection.

The Hokusai prints are a highlight of our collection. Katsushika Hokusai, renowned for his masterpiece 'The Wave,' is a legend in Japanese art. His dynamic and powerful representations of nature's force are as compelling today as they were centuries ago.

Explore our selection of old Japanese art, which bring the allure and mystique of Japan's past into the present. These posters are not just decorations; they are stories told through art, each with its own history and charm.

Watanabe Seitei's works add a distinctive touch to our collection. Seitei's fusion of traditional Japanese techniques with Western influences results in art that is both familiar and intriguingly novel.

One of the crown jewels of our collection is Katsushika Hokusai's 'The Wave.' This renowned print is more than just a depiction of a wave; it's a symbol of the power and beauty of nature, a masterpiece that continues to inspire awe and wonder.

Each piece in our Japanese prints collection is more than just an art print; it's a journey into the rich tapestry of Japanese history and culture. Adorn your space with these magnificent works, and let each print bring a touch of Japan's legendary artistic heritage into your life.