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Black Labrador dog art print (1871) | Carl Reichert

Black Labrador dog art print (1871) | Carl Reichert

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Introducing our captivating "Black Labrador" print, created by the talented artist Carl Reichert in 1871. This exquisite piece is now available in our wall art prints shop, ready to be added to your gallery wall and admired for its timeless beauty.

The "Black Labrador" print showcases the regal and elegant nature of this beloved breed. With its glossy black coat and expressive eyes, the Labrador exudes intelligence, loyalty, and grace. Reichert's attention to detail and masterful brushstrokes bring the Labrador to life, capturing its essence and character with remarkable precision.

Printed on sustainably sourced premium art paper using the giclee printing technique, our reproduction maintains the integrity and beauty of the original artwork. The fine details, textures, and colours are faithfully reproduced, allowing you to appreciate the artist's skill and the unique qualities of the Black Labrador.

We are committed to environmental sustainability, and our giclee printing process aligns with our values. Each print is made to order in the UK, ensuring minimal waste and a reduced carbon footprint. By choosing our Black Labrador print, you not only enhance your space with a stunning piece of art but also contribute to a greener future.

Add this captivating Black Labrador print to your gallery wall and let its presence captivate all who behold it. It serves as a timeless tribute to the beauty and majesty of Labrador Retrievers, making it a perfect addition to any dog lover's collection or a thoughtful gift for Labrador enthusiasts.

Experience the charm and elegance of the Black Labrador with our "Black Labrador" print, and let its timeless appeal bring joy and admiration to your space.

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