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Autumn Grasses & Butterflies | 1800s | Buddhist art prints

Autumn Grasses & Butterflies | 1800s | Buddhist art prints

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Infuse Your Space with the Calm and Balance of Buddhist-Inspired Art

Product Overview: Elevate the ambiance of your lounge with "Buddhist Autumn Grasses & Butterflies," a captivating vintage print from the 1800s. This artwork embodies the serene essence of Buddhist art, blending natural motifs with a sense of spiritual tranquility. Our prints shop offers this unique piece as a beautifully framed print, ideal for creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in any lounge or relaxation space.


  • High-quality reproduction of a vintage Buddhist art piece, featuring autumn grasses and butterflies.
  • Elegantly framed options available, enhancing the artwork's delicate details and soothing color palette.
  • Printed on premium-quality paper to capture the essence of the original art.
  • Available in various sizes, perfect for adding a touch of serenity to your lounge or meditation area.

Did You Know? (About Vintage Buddhist Art)

  • Buddhist art is rich in symbolism, often using natural elements like flowers, trees, and animals to convey spiritual teachings and concepts.
  • The use of art in Buddhism has a long history, spanning across various cultures and centuries, each adding its unique style while retaining core spiritual themes.
  • Butterflies in Buddhist art can symbolize transformation and the impermanence of life, aligning with Buddhist teachings on change and the cycle of life.

Why Choose "Buddhist Autumn Grasses & Butterflies" for Your Decor? "Buddhist Autumn Grasses & Butterflies" is more than just a piece of Buddha artwork; it's a window into the profound and peaceful world of Buddhist philosophy. Ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of vintage art and the depth of Buddhist teachings, this print offers a serene and thoughtful addition to your lounge, meditation space, or any area where tranquility is desired.

Discover this and other tranquil lounge wall art prints in our prints shop, and let "Buddhist Autumn Grasses & Butterflies" bring a sense of balance and calm to your environment.

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