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Cat on a cushion art print (1880s) | Theophile Alexandre Steinlen

Cat on a cushion art print (1880s) | Theophile Alexandre Steinlen

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Introducing "Cat on a Cushion" by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, a delightful artwork from the 1880s. This charming piece is now available in our wall art prints shop, ready to be added to your gallery wall. Each print is meticulously giclee printed to order in the UK on sustainably sourced premium art paper, ensuring exceptional quality while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Steinlen's "Cat on a Cushion" captures the grace and allure of our feline companions. The artist's masterful brushstrokes bring the cat to life, showcasing its elegance and serene presence as it rests on a cushion. The intricate details and rich colors in the artwork highlight Steinlen's talent for capturing the essence and character of his subjects.

Our giclee printing process guarantees the faithful reproduction of Steinlen's original artwork, preserving every delicate brushstroke and vibrant hue. By printing each order on sustainably sourced premium art paper, we prioritize both the quality of the print and our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Adding "Cat on a Cushion" to your gallery wall will infuse your space with a sense of warmth, elegance, and a touch of feline charm. Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or study, this artwork will captivate art enthusiasts and cat lovers alike with its timeless appeal.

Order your "Cat on a Cushion" print today and indulge in the beauty of Steinlen's masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the intricate details and the serene presence of the cat as it reclines on the cushion. With our giclee printing process and sustainably sourced premium art paper, you can be assured of receiving a high-quality print that not only enhances your gallery wall but also reflects your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Invite the allure of "Cat on a Cushion" into your home and let the captivating presence of the feline grace your space. Revel in the artistry of Théophile Alexandre Steinlen and appreciate the timeless beauty of this beloved artwork.

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