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Sleeping cat (1800s) | Traditional Japanese cat art prints | Kōno Bairei

Sleeping cat (1800s) | Traditional Japanese cat art prints | Kōno Bairei

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Introduce a sense of calm and elegance to your space with "Japanese Sleeping Cat," a captivating traditional Japanese cat art print by the esteemed artist Kōno Bairei. Originating from the 1800s, this artwork beautifully captures the essence of a sleeping cat, combining the delicate intricacies of Japanese art with the timeless charm of cats. Our prints shop offers this serene piece as a high-quality framed print, making it a perfect addition for collectors of Japanese cat art and admirers of vintage prints.


  • Authentic reproduction of Kōno Bairei's "Japanese Sleeping Cat."
  • Available framed, accentuating the delicate lines and subtle colors of the artwork.
  • Printed on premium-quality paper, ensuring the preservation of its historical and artistic value.
  • Available in various sizes, ideal for both intimate and larger wall spaces.

Artist Biography: Kōno Bairei, born in 1844 in Kyoto, was a prominent figure in the Meiji-era Japanese art scene. Renowned for his paintings and woodblock prints, Bairei's work is characterized by its refined elegance and attention to detail. He was particularly skilled in kachō-ga (bird-and-flower painting), and his art reflects a deep appreciation for nature and the beauty of everyday life.

Did You Know? (About Vintage Japanese Art)

  • Vintage Japanese art, particularly from the Edo and Meiji periods, is highly revered for its rich detail, unique perspective, and harmony with nature.
  • The depiction of animals, especially cats, holds a special place in Japanese art, symbolizing good fortune, protection, and spiritual significance.
  • Japanese art has significantly influenced Western art, especially Impressionism, with its distinct aesthetics and compositional techniques.

Why Choose "Japanese Sleeping Cat" for Your Collection? The "Japanese Sleeping Cat" by Kōno Bairei is more than just a Japanese cat print; it's a piece of tranquil beauty that encapsulates the elegance of traditional Japanese art. Ideal for both lovers of Japanese culture and cat aficionados, this print offers a harmonious blend of artistic mastery and the serene charm of a sleeping cat.

Visit our prints shop today to explore this and other exquisite vintage Japanese prints, and let the peaceful allure of "Japanese Sleeping Cat" bring a touch of Zen tranquility to your environment.

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