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The Favorite Cat (1800s) | Vintage cat prints | Nathaniel Currier

The Favorite Cat (1800s) | Vintage cat prints | Nathaniel Currier

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Delight in the classic beauty of "The Favorite Cat," a beloved vintage print by the esteemed American artist Nathaniel Currier. Dating back to the 1800s, this artwork captures the essence of a cherished household pet with remarkable detail and affection. Available in our prints shop, this Nathaniel Currier print is offered as a framed piece, perfectly suited for cat lovers and collectors of vintage art alike.


  • Authentic reproduction of Nathaniel Currier's "The Favorite Cat."
  • Available framed, highlighting the detailed craftsmanship and warm tones of the original print.
  • Printed on high-quality paper to preserve the artwork's historical and aesthetic value.
  • Available in various sizes to complement both intimate and grand spaces.

Artist Biography: Nathaniel Currier, born in 1813 in Massachusetts, was an American printmaker best known for his firm Currier & Ives. Currier's lithographs, including "The Favorite Cat," gained widespread popularity for their depiction of everyday American life, landscapes, and historical events. His work played a significant role in shaping the visual culture of 19th-century America and remains a cherished part of the country's artistic heritage.

Did You Know? (About Vintage Cat Prints)

  • Vintage cat prints have been a beloved subject in art for centuries, admired for their depiction of cats' grace and mystique.
  • These prints often reflect the cultural and artistic styles of their time, making them fascinating historical artifacts.
  • Cat imagery in art has varied symbolism, from representing domestic tranquility to embodying mystery and independence.

Why Choose "The Favorite Cat" for Your Collection? "The Favorite Cat" by Nathaniel Currier is more than just a vintage cat print; it's a slice of Americana, capturing the timeless allure of our feline friends. Ideal for anyone who appreciates the charm of vintage prints and the endearing qualities of cats, this print brings a touch of 19th-century elegance and warmth to any room.

Explore our prints shop for this and other Nathaniel Currier prints, and let "The Favorite Cat" add a historical and heartwarming touch to your home or office.

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