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William Morris floral artwork "Trellis" (1800s)

William Morris floral artwork "Trellis" (1800s)

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Enrich your environment with the classic allure of William Morris's "Trellis" design, an exquisite example of vintage art from the 1800s. This iconic print, renowned for its intricate floral patterns and timeless appeal, is a testament to Morris's mastery in design and art. Our prints shop offers this beloved piece as a high-quality William Morris framed print, perfect for adding a touch of historic elegance and natural beauty to any room.


  • Authentic reproduction of William Morris's "Trellis" design.
  • Available as a William Morris poster or a beautifully framed William Morris art print.
  • High-quality printing to faithfully represent the original design's intricate details and vibrant colors.
  • A range of sizes to accommodate different spaces and decor preferences.

Artist Biography: William Morris, born in England in 1834, was a multi-talented artist, designer, and writer, and a major figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement. His work, characterized by intricate floral and nature-inspired motifs, revolutionized the design industry of his time. Morris's commitment to craftsmanship, beauty, and functionality in everyday objects made him a pivotal figure in design history. His legacy lives on through his timeless designs, which continue to inspire and captivate.

Did You Know?

  • William Morris was also an influential poet and novelist, with his creative talents extending far beyond design.
  • He was a passionate advocate for environmental conservation, a value that is often reflected in his nature-inspired designs.
  • Morris’s work was not just about aesthetics; he believed in making beautiful, high-quality goods accessible to everyone, which was a radical idea in his time.

Why Choose the "Trellis" Print for Your Home? The "Trellis" design by William Morris is more than a vintage print; it's a piece of art history, embodying the ideals of beauty, craftsmanship, and a deep connection to the natural world. Ideal for those who appreciate the enduring appeal of vintage art and the fusion of functionality with design, this print is perfect for enhancing any living space with a touch of historical elegance and organic motifs.

Visit our prints shop today to explore this and other stunning framed William Morris prints, and allow the timeless beauty of "Trellis" to transform your space.

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