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Spire of Notre Dame (1900s) | Robert Delaunay prints

Spire of Notre Dame (1900s) | Robert Delaunay prints

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Explore the Dynamic Fusion of Color and Form in Delaunay's Art

Product Overview: "Spire of Notre Dame" by Robert Delaunay is a mesmerizing example of Cubism from the early 1900s, showcasing the artist's innovative approach to color and shape. This captivating cubism wall art piece embodies the spirit of avant-garde art, making it a perfect choice for collectors of vintage prints and enthusiasts of unique and unusual wall art prints. Offered in our prints shop, this framed / unframed print of Delaunay's work is an excellent addition to any space that celebrates the boldness and creativity of the Cubism movement.


  • Authentic reproduction of Robert Delaunay's "Spire of Notre Dame."
  • Framed options available, enhancing the artwork's vibrant colors and geometric composition.
  • Printed on high-quality paper to faithfully represent the original's dynamic visual impact.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, fitting for a diverse range of interior spaces.

Artist Biography: Robert Delaunay, born in 1885 in Paris, was a prominent French artist known for his unique contribution to Cubism. Delaunay's work is characterized by a strong focus on color and the relationship between light and form. Unlike his contemporaries, who emphasized the fragmentation of form, Delaunay's approach to Cubism was more about integrating color harmoniously, leading to the development of Orphism, an offshoot of Cubism.

Did You Know? (About the Cubism Art Movement)

  • Cubism was not only a revolutionary art movement but also a significant philosophical departure in the visual arts, introducing a new way of seeing the world.
  • The movement broke away from the traditional single-perspective approach, instead presenting subjects in an abstracted, multi-faceted manner.
  • Cubism's influence extended beyond painting and sculpture, impacting design, architecture, and even literature, forever changing the course of modern art.

Why Choose "Spire of Notre Dame" for Your Collection? "Spire of Notre Dame" by Robert Delaunay is more than just a cubism poster; it's a celebration of artistic innovation and the transformative power of color in art. Ideal for both art connoisseurs and admirers of Cubism, this print brings a touch of historical sophistication and artistic boldness to any home or office setting.

Explore our prints shop for this and other distinct cubism wall art, and let the vibrant and visionary art of Robert Delaunay invigorate your environment.

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