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Bottle and glass still life (1920s) | Cubism prints | Roger de la Fresnaye

Bottle and glass still life (1920s) | Cubism prints | Roger de la Fresnaye

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Infuse Your Space with the Bold Essence of Cubist Art

Product Overview: Delve into the captivating world of Cubism with "Cubist Bottle and Glass Still Life," an evocative artwork from the 1920s by Roger de la Fresnaye. This striking cubism wall art exemplifies the movement's radical approach to form and perspective. Perfect for adding a touch of artistic sophistication to any setting, this print is available in our prints shop as a framed or unframed piece, making it an ideal choice for those seeking unusual wall art prints or a distinct addition to a man cave.


  • High-quality reproduction of Roger de la Fresnaye's "Cubist Bottle and Glass Still Life."
  • Framed options available, complementing the artwork's avant-garde composition and vibrant color scheme.
  • Printed on premium-quality paper to ensure a faithful representation of the original work.
  • Available in various sizes to cater to different decorative needs and settings.

Artist Biography: Roger de la Fresnaye, born in 1885 in France, was a significant figure in the Cubism movement. Known for his unique interpretation of Cubist principles, de la Fresnaye's work often incorporated a sense of structural clarity and color, distinguishing him from his contemporaries. His approach to Cubism was less abstract, allowing for a more figurative and comprehensible representation while still breaking new ground in terms of form and spatial organization.

Did You Know? (About the Cubism Art Movement)

  • Cubism, developed in the early 20th century, represented a monumental shift in art, moving away from traditional techniques and perspectives.
  • The movement is known for its fragmentation of objects and use of multiple viewpoints to create a more abstract form.
  • Cubism influenced not only painting but also had a profound impact on sculpture, architecture, and even literature, laying the groundwork for many modernist movements.

Why Choose "Cubist Bottle and Glass Still Life" for Your Collection? "Cubist Bottle and Glass Still Life" by Roger de la Fresnaye is not just a cubism poster; it's an embodiment of the innovative spirit of early 20th-century art. Ideal for collectors of vintage prints and fans of Cubism, this piece adds an element of historical artistry and bold modernism to your decor.

Explore our prints shop for this and other distinctive cubism wall art, and let the daring and dynamic nature of "Cubist Bottle and Glass Still Life" transform your space.

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